What garments type do you do?

We have a vast experience in work apparel & Uniforms of all types. The range of products we have manufactured goes from dress shirts, trousers, clean room apparel, lab coats, medical clothing, workwear as well as Inmate Uniforms and marching band uniforms.

In case you need some other type of product we would love to give it a shot since we’re always looking for new ways of expanding our expertise.

Our main background has been with woven fabrics, knits and nonwoven materials as well.

 Where are your operations located in the Dominican Republic?

We are in the second largest city of the country, Santiago de los Caballeros. As well as Esperanza a small town next to Valverde Mao.

 What kind of Business do you make?

The industry standard is basically we the manufacturer offers CMT cut, Make & trim to the customer who provides the main material which is fabrics in our case.

In order to be more competitive and avoid our customers the headache of logistics, we take care of this part of the chain to help our customers do what they do best.

Depending on the type of program we are also fully open to the needs of our customer and we offer a full package which includes: (Sourcing all needed material as well as manufacturing and logistics ).